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Freebird 56′ Hatteras Sportfish Motor Yacht

Freebird is a 56′ Hatteras Sportfish Motor Yacht, powered by twin diesel engines with a fuel capacity of 1100 gallons (4160 litres). She has high-tech fish finding equipment and refrigeration for your catches, which can be filleted onboard for no charge. Safety equipment, including life jackets, will be available.

All rods, reels and tackle are of high quality and we offer live bait, so your only worry will be to have a nice time fishing. A fishing license will be required, and we can help you with that.

Recently refurbished with sophisticated amenities, you will have access to the comfortable internal areas of the boat, with a fully equipped kitchen, a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom with a freshwater shower, and there will be plenty of drinks and snacks onboard.

Regular fishing trips:

Local trip, 12 miles from Ensenada, fishing yellowtail, rock fish, white sea bass, barracuda and bass, up to 6 people.

Duration: 8 hours, from 7 AM to 3 PM.

Price: US$ 1,800.00 fuel included.

Trip to the Bank Soledad, 20 miles from Ensenada, fishing several species, up to 6 people.

Duration: 12 hours, from 5 AM to 5 PM.

Price: US$ 2,500.00 fuel included.

Tuna trip, 40 miles from Ensenada, fishing tuna, yellowfin, bluefin and dorado, up to 6 people.

Duration: 18 hours, from 2 AM to 8 PM.

Price: US$ 3,000.00 fuel included.

Contact us to book your fishing trip or for prices on other activities listed below.

You can also safely enjoy other activities like snorkeling, freediving, sunset cruise, whale watching and scuba diving (with your own equipment) with the help of our crew, formed by our experienced captain and first mate.

Take a look at the detailed information, specifications and images below:

Captain: with 12 years of experience on fishing and diving boats, Giovanny Perez Arias can take you safely to the best fishing and diving spots.

First mate: with 7 years of experience deep-sea fishing, Brian Perez Arias will make sure your only concern will be to have a good time.

Name: Freebird

Manufacturer: Hatteras

Model: convertible

Year built: 1979

Totally refurbished in 2016, 2017 and 2018

Lenght: 56′

Propulsion: twin diesels

Fuel capacity: 1100 gals / 4160 litres

AC power: 125/220 V

DC power: 32/12 V

Fresh water capacity: 300 gals

Nearshore fishing

Offshore fishing



Sunset cruise

Whale watching

Scuba diving (bring your own equipment)

Salon (living room)

Galley (kitchen)

Stateroom (bedroom), two

Head (bathroom), two


Air conditioning

Fresh water shower

Cabin for valuables


Life jackets



Live bait well

Multimedia system


Live bait

Catch cleaning & filleting

Snorkeling equipment

Rods, reels & tackle

First mate



External images:
Cockpit images:
Internal images:
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